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epoxy primer wet on wet Product Highlights Excellent corrosion resistance ESU4702. 00% 44. Containers must be kept tightly closed. Advanced Industrial Primer is a high-solids, low VOC, epoxy primer offering excellent performance properties and topcoatability with a wide range of topcoats including two component urethanes, alkyds and acrylic enamels. I used numerous coats of RM Epoxy undercoat, block wet sanded to 600 then shot Emron over it. Seal all joints and fastener head holes with Epoxy. Failure to allow sufficient time may result in poor adhesion between CIM and primer. (420 g/L) Product Benefits Segments Agricultural Equipment Building Materials Heavy-Duty Equipment Industrial Equipment Wet-on-Wet, High-Solids Epoxy Primer Wet-on-Wet Epoxy Primer SPECTRACRON® 560 Series Wet-on-Wet Epoxy Primers are two-component, 3. Re-wet very porous surfaces and end grain. Spraying the basecoat: Next to rushing the 2K primer, rushing the basecoat is the second cause for the final gloss and depth of a paint job to look bad. Apply POLYQuik® Epoxy Primer no more than 10 wet mils (0. Resin starved joint: epoxy has wicked into porous surfaces leaving a void at the joint. AP8060 2K Urethane Sealer (Gray). (about 16 wet mils theoretical). This Sealer is a Wet on Wet product. Especially recommended for use with the wet on wet technique. It was developed as a mainstream, high-performance, competitively priced epoxy primer for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE) sector and general industrial markets. The epoxy should sit for 6 hours before spraying basecoat or the next option is let it sit over night and wet sand the epoxy with 400-800 then spray the base. Resistance to aircraft hydraulic fluids and chemicals. • Recoat Body Filler after the stated dry times using 2K Primer Surfacers • When recoating with Polyester Primer 6541-G allow 2K Epoxy Primer/Sealer 6100 Series to cure for 24 hours before the application of Polyester Primer. OVERVIEW Epo-chem™ RA 500M is a unique solvent-free, wet tolerant, highly chemical resistant, glassflake epoxy single coat/topcoat which is suitable for a wide range of applications; including tanks, vessel linings and deck coatings. Topcoated with Autocryl, Autocoat BTLV or Autocoat LV. When used as a primer or seal coat on masonry surfaces, PCS 9043 Wet Process Epoxy may be reduced 35-40% by volume with REDUCER #76 to facilitate penetration into crevices and voids. Impedance spectra of the epoxy primer sample (1#) after immersion for 205 d. This 48 oz kit inlcudes One quart of epoxy resin, 1/2 quart of epoxy curing agent, 2 sets of Latex Gloves, and two short bristle "stab brushes" for 'rub on (best method) or "stab"/brush on application. Ive been checking the tech sheet and I cant see any mention of this. May also be applied to grit blasted surfaces and for surfaces prepared by UHP water blasting where existing blast profi le is exposed. This coating is impervious to water from any source. A guide coat is a thin mist of colour applied over high build primer and then wet flatted off. It’s also important to do this in a dust-free area so the dust doesn’t mix in with the epoxy and create a cloudy, dirty coating. Item#: UPO 4831. 2 pack, high build primer, suitable for use as part of a wet-on-wet 7022 CrownPrime is a high-performance, high build, high solids, 2-component polyamine epoxy primer. The system’s long-term performance is based on completely sealing (porous-free film) and arresting the rust totally. Wet and Rust Tolerant Epoxy Primer/Finish PRODUT DESRIPTION: A high performance, high solids, two-pack epoxy mastic designed to provide corrosion resistance and abrasion protection in extreme service applications. 9500 HP Epoxy Hardener THINNER 1. -POTLIFE IS LESS THAN 10 MINUTES -USE IMMEDIATELY AFTER MIXING 9. DFT Recommended 40-50 µm 1. 0-6. U-POL Raptor 4:1 Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer 1L Kit Rated 4. Uses The 2K Epoxy Primer is fillerable with a 2Kputty or 2K spray filler after 12 hours/20°C or 30 minutes at 60°C object temperature. Features Wet mils (microns) 6. May be used in areas where high humidity and moisture are encountered. When applying the primer and the paint, keep a “wet edge,” in other words, don’t let the swath you’ve just applied dry out before you roll the next one. Excellent opacity and coverage I recommend RM Epoxy Undercoat on metal. Epoxy Primer is an excellent sealer when reduced 25% with 162, 163 urethane reducer. It will seal out water from the metal. Wet out bonding surfaces with a neat epoxy mixture before applying thickened epoxy. As a primer-surfacer that can be sanded for extra Was chatting with a builder about epoxy base wet on wet with Latex exterior semi gloss , saw the price of Marine primer ($300/gal =3. 7022 CrownPrime is a high-performance, high build, high solids, 2-component polyamine epoxy primer. If you are using decorative color chips, apply them by hand over each section after you’ve spread the epoxy. I sprayed some HB can primer on the epoxy to prepare for a guide coat and the primer cracked ( like wet lightening bolts) every where there was epoxy. Maintain a wet edge by rolling over the edges of previously applied epoxy, and be sure to roll an even coating. It features and easy to clean surface using a mop or wet-vac. An epoxy primer is what you want to use on bare or freshly sandblasted steel for your maximum adhesion and rust prevention. Use with RADEX EP hardener. A primer comprises a liquid epoxy resin, a hydrophobic polyamine compound, a thixotropic agent and a silane coupling agent. The values of dry and wet pull-off strengths of the epoxy coatings were measured using a pulloff adhesion Manufactured parts wet coating and Epoxy primed under Urethane Topcoat (high solids paint finish. Scuff when in doubt and don't use it as a wet on wet sealer- the thicker the stuff is applied the longer it takes to cure. I would like to try some type of epoxy based filler primer. It is supplied as a two component kit which is mixed prior to use. Easy to apply; Excellent anti-corrosion resistance; Good sanding; Excellent topcoat gloss holdout; Wet-on-wet process with a long open time for topcoat application; Chromate and lead free; Excellent opactiy and coverage Wet on wet primer is a primer that is used and requires no sanding, just apply the paint straight on top, genrally for new panels i. It lets your sandpaper go farther and provides a visual clue that everything is properly sanded. When applying this to wood, you get maximum adhesion between the paint and the wood surface. Threads 97 Messages 976. ately after cleaning. Features and Benefits: · Wet-on-wet capable epoxy primer (topcoat in 10 minutes) · 3. Can be applied to interior/ exterior surfaces such as porous concrete, masonry, stone and brick. Primer OS is recommended for petroleum oil contamination only. A good day in the shed and in few hours I can do one metal chromate and isocyanate free high build primer surfacer that is formulated to provide excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion. It is ideal for use as a “primer/sealer” on bare metal that requires no surfacing. This product is ideal for use over a variety of substrates on rub through areas no larger than 3cm in diameter, edges and small spot repairs. In this video, we are applying epoxy to the area that has been repaired. If the concrete floor is extremely smooth, for example, with a tile or a concrete floor, use the epoxy primer for smooth floors. For primary bonds, the "wet-on-wet" bonding is strongest between chemically compatible resins, so if you’re finishing with gelcoat, you have to use polyester resin or We have problems with the wet adhesion test of epoxy primer 515K011 over colorless chemical conversion coating. Product Code: D834 Can be applied wet on wet. Follow NIOSH safety guidelines when broadcasting aggregate. Wet-on-wet application is possible. 0 mils Flash off time After first reading our Epoxy Tech Sheet mix enough SPI Epoxy Primer to spray 2-3 wet coats over the entire car. Posted by Unknown on 7th Mar 2016 Fantastic easy to use great as wet on wet sealer Spray one nice wet coat of DP Epoxy (any color) Apply 3-5 coats of a high build 2K Urethane Primer; Guide coat; You normally do not need an epoxy between your filler and 2k primer, but since it is going to be sitting for a while I think it would be a great idea. sq. 0 (63-100) • DURAL EPOXY PRIMER is not to be used as a finished/aesthetic coating • DURAL EPOXY PRIMER may have a yellow cast to the film if applied at higher film builds • Concrete surfaces may darken and give a “wet look” effect after application • In all cases, consult the product Safety Data Sheet before use The two component epoxy adhesive and primer for wet to dry concrete in non-load bearing applications will be epidermix 116 applied in accordance with a. But most people will coat the epoxy with a urethane primer ( 2K ) and do the final blocking with that. If I was to run a DA over it, it gums up. The two part system consists of a base and converter, and is used to seal filler primers and fairing work before applying topcoats. It is also recommended for metal surface as a general (1) 1 product ratings - Pro XL Ultra Etch Wet On Wet Primer High Quality ULTRAETCH 1 litre £20. Wet Basement Epoxy Floor Kit. U. prep panel 320 d. Epoxy makes for a great sealer, people only run into trouble when they apply base too soon which causes loss in gloss and also when base is applied too late which makes for adhesion problems. 4100 MVE-Blocking Epoxy Floor Sealant/Primer is an adaptable product with a range of different applications. Wet-on-Wet: Watercolor Painting wet-on-wet in watercolor is a spontaneous, somewhat unpredictable, and less controlled way of working but can produce very beautiful effects, giving soft, fuzzy edges to the shapes Home » Mike, are you saying this epoxy can be applied over wet insulation/substrate? by mjw6900 | Published October 6, 2017 Dew or light rain will not wash away a fresh NovaTuff RC-100 roof coating nor will it compromise its cure. VFI®-#11 9:1 Epoxy Primer is a two component, water based epoxy primer that creates excellent adhesion to many different substrates. F391 F335 Epoxy Primers may be used as non-sand primers in a wet-on-wet system provided the dry film thickness does not exceed 40 m (60 m wet). F3994 Delfleet Chromated High Solids Epoxy Primer is a versatile product. A 2. 2. I actually prefer to shoot over P600 scratches in primer. Epoxy Flooring for Wet Production Area. Keep mixing container covered while primer is not being used. The product is ‘Wet on Wet’ resulting in removing the need to be sanded down for application of topcoats. Recoat within 1 hour. Epoxies are typically designed as a link to the bare metal for a sandable primer to be applied over. Remove Part A, white pail, and Part B, black pail, from the outer shipping carton. ft. Wet-on-wet cycle: . Currently, the only time I use more thinner is for very small mixes that are going to be applied using an air brush. 202 ACE Epoxy Primer is a 100% solids, two-component epoxy primer bisphenol-A resin reacted with a modified amine adduct activator designed to wet out prepared concrete flooring surfaces. Easy to mixing and apply. It is an ideal primer for fleet, construction machinery, farm equipment and other industrial applications. This is the appropriate epoxy to use when aluminum has been sandblasted, sanded, or ground so that a tooth is present. Epoxy Primer – Black or Grey Epoxy Primer is a High Solid, zinc chromate free, 2K anti corrosion primer suitable for all kinds of finishes. It is necessary to sand the primer before coating, if another coat is applied after more than 12 hours. Product Features Product Benefits Wet on wet application • Reduced time to topcoat, high productivity Excellent over spray absorption • An epoxy primer will insure corrosion protection and also provide a bonding surface for most topcoat paints. Save Part . It can be used as a wet on wet primer or dried and sanded prior to If you need to hide larger imperfections first, use TotalFair epoxy fairing compound, then overcoat with Topside Primer before applying your topcoat. W Sealer under Deltron Topcoats Drying Times Through Dust-free at 20°C -dry at 20°C 15 minutes 4 Hours N/A N/A Through-dry at 60°C 30 mins if necessary N/A Wet sanding with moderate pressure can be done after about 4 hours, depending on the amount of epoxy applied, air temperature and substrate temperatures. Typical floors that have been properly prepared and are not experiencing any moisture issues and are oil free, will use our standard WB Primer. You have successfully added from to your part list. DRY TIME: 30-60 minutes SANDING: 6-8 hours RECOATING: If Epoxy Primer/Sealer is allowed to dry more than 1 week, primer must be cleaned with 19180 Prime Wash Wax & Grease Remover (Mild), sanded with 500 grit 7022 CrownPrime is a high-performance, high build, high solids, 2-component polyamine epoxy primer. The Drawbacks – There are two major drawbacks to wet paint and plating. Wet-on-wet process with a long open time for topcoat application. • Colored or Natural Quartz 20-25 mesh = 0. It has always kicked-off OK after a delay of up to 24 hours. HP Epoxy Primer can be used as a sealer over critical substrates (i. I want to know if I can put down my last two coats of primer filler then when it is still wet apply 2-3 coats of high build primer? The epoxy primer takes 16hrs at 25degrees to set. This product has been developed to block oil ‘bleed back’ from oil soaked concrete substrates and provide a primed surface for subsequent epoxy or AOM - 220: Application of Wet on Wet Primer Facilities, equipment and materials required at the workstation: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Vehicle protection equipment and materials Technical and safety data for the products Wet on wet primer A suitable vehicle panel Cleaning agents and dispensers 2k Epoxy Grey Primer – High Anticorrosive power and Great Adhesion on iron, steel, galvanized steel, aluminium, light alloys and old paints – Also “wet on wet” (diluted at 40%) – Overpaintable with nitro, Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff Gray Epoxy Primer Sea Hawk's Tuff Stuff High Build Epoxy Primer dries fast and is able to complete a barrier system and bottom paint in just two days. The main thing you will need for wet sanding is elbow grease. There are many instances where it is beneficial to apply a protective coating to concrete and steel structures or vessels. Let the epoxy sit overnight then apply body filler or glazing putty over the epoxy. Sikafloor®-161 HC Screed UNIVERSAL EPOXY RESIN FLOOR Easy to apply; Excellent adhesion to substrate PRO 1K EPOXY primer gives an excellent adhesion direct on to bare metal and has active rust preventing pigments that provide excellent corrosion resistance. Mixing of the epoxy primer is simple–pour Part B (black pail) to a clean, dry, Wet sand with 600 grit sandpaper proceeding in stages through 1500 grit. My plan is to cover that primer with an epoxy primer (as a sealer) then spray the can with another polyester or urethane primer, then block it down to 600-grit before I spray base Westcoat EC-12 Epoxy Primer is a two component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture tolerant, fast drying, high strength and multi-purpose epoxy primer. It is being applied with a Devilbiss GTI. Autocoat® BT LV260 Epoxy Primer is a fast drying primer with excellent corrosion protection over multiple substrates. Eastwood suggests using a Zero-VOC reducer to avoid potential compli-ance issues. *Humid Environments:* Primer/finish for two coat applications over prepared galvanized steel and organic zinc-rich coatings in wet, temperature-controlled exposure areas. This is why I Selemix 7-413 epoxy primer is a 2 pack high build primer which can be applied wet on wet and is ideal for protecting ferrous steel substrates from the elements. O. Tuff Stuff is an extremely high-build two-part epoxy primer that dries fast, enabling application of a complete barrier system and bottom paint in just two days. Quick-drying epoxy primer; Very good adhesion to metal elements and most plastics, except for PP, PE, PTFE (Teflon) and mixtures thereof; Superb anticorrosive resistance; Perfect insulating properties; Can be applied wet on wet E591 is a 100% solids, two component Cycloaliphatic Epoxy Coating that may be applied on wet surfaces with standing water or underwater without effect on cure. Brand: Hempel: Type: Epoxy primer - top coat: Gloss: 30-60 %: Drying time: 11 h at +5°C: Yield: 4 m²/l prie 150 µm: Solid content >60% by volume: Surfaces: Metal: Direct on the bare metal METZ EPOXY PRIMER. It may be interesting to give it a try with a bit more thinner. Wet on Wet Polyurethane Primer sealer 4:1 High quality 2K polyurethane primer with anti-corrosion additives. If primer becomes glossy and loses tackiness, remove surface contaminants then recoat with additional Sikafloor® Vertical Epoxy Primer and proceed. black that I'm using for paint . Epoxy Primer +1 Qt. Epoxy Solvent-free Primer System Rev: Jan 2019 Page 1 of 4 Unique Solvent-free, Wet & Rust Tolerant Epoxy Primer/Finish PRODUCT FEATURES • Surface tolerant: Surpasses any ‘so called’ surface tolerant material, hence it is called rust tolerant. The 6007 can be used as a stand along coating or primer with topcoat applied. It isolates difficult surfaces and putties from top coats and protects from mapping effects. Additional Products • 2. 2 lbs per gallon The epoxy primer should be applied in medium wet coats, allowing a half an hour between each coat at around 70 degrees. com HP Epoxy Primer is a 2-pack primer-filler with good anti-corrosion properties. EPOXY PRIMER GREY GENERAL INFORMATION PE130 Epoxy Primer Grey is a high-fi lling Epoxy Primer with good resistance to chemicals, that is easy to spray. So, epoxy primer first, primer surfacer over that. It's also good over bare metal as it is a self etching primer. Clean and sand the surface following the procedure in the Surface Wet-on-wet coating is a method for coating a substrate and a coated substrate. Application is primarily by HVLP with airless spray equipment also available. Plywood used for new construction (plywood is laid directly on the joist) 1. The mixing ratio is 1 part A to 1 part B by volume. Epoxy Primer accepts all top coats, may be used wet on wet and dries to a satin matte finish. Gloss Flat. Corrosion inhibiting. Description: as a consequence of the good adhesion and flexibility, the product is particularly suited for repairing the surfaces of aluminum and fiberglass, as well as powder SPECTRACRON® -- 560 Wet-on-Wet (WOW) Epoxy Primer. 30-60 minutes epoxy flash and then topcoat. Very few if any products will stick to fresh soda blasting so it is becoming an issue. Re-clean with. It is specially designed for short wet-on-wet application windows when topcoated with the Spectracron 2K polyurethane enamels. 3 ± . Warmer temperatures and bigger repairs cure faster, whereas small repairs in cool weather may take a full day. 0 out of 5. You should always remove any rust or loose material and oils but it will be a great primer. DPLV Epoxy Primer may also be used as a sealer and top coated with many of PPG’s two component urethane undercoats and PHILADELPHIA — Axalta announced the expansion of its global Tufcote product portfolio to include Tufcote 3. It is used mostly in wet on wet systems but can be stoved and flatted if required. As long as you're shooting over a 2K primer with the proper grit scratches, your base will mechanically adhere to the primer. • Read label, directions, and MSDS before use. As I mentioned before, it's not a very good primer surfacer as it is tough to sand (it's kinda gummy) and it doesn't fill much even though the viscosity is thicker than a lot of other primer sealers. Additionally it can be left for up to 2 months between coats without the need for sanding when recoating meaning items can be primed Delfleet Wet on Wet Surfacer : F4942 RLD263V Download Compliant Wet on Wet Surfacer DO: F4942 Epoxy Primer: D8595 RLD315V Download PR Epoxy DPM Primer. Wet sanding, also known as color sanding, adds shine to a finished paint job. If you notice the old counter color showing through, roll on more primer while it’s still wet. Coating will be partially absorbed into the concrete. They are specifically designed for short wet-on-wet application windows when topcoated with Spectracron 2K polyurethane enamels. 20 -12% $47. 75L 750ml 2:1 WANDA WET ON WET SEALER - Quart $42. Axalta has expanded its Tufcote line of liquid industrial coatings to include Tufcote 3. 1 This alkyd resin-based, high build, anti-corrosion primer from Commercial Performance Coatings. Precaution for Exposed Bare Metal Should any bare metal bcome exposed during the repair, a self-etching primer should be applied, following the product instructions. Prime surface with appropriate primer prior to system application. 2K Epoxy Primer lays flat and can be applied using a wet-on-wet technique, making it the ideal DP40 is a versatile 2K epoxy surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Epoxy surfaces that have not fully cured may be bonded to or coated with epoxy without washing or sanding. 10% of 568-408 CV Primer Tinting Paste, black (mixture code: 801-72G) • Minimum temperature for air drying Conseal Wet is a two-part, water miscible, epoxy primer that has a unique formulation that gives it the ability to be applied to damp substrates including concrete masonry, wood etc. DTM EPOXY PRIME/SEAL is 2K Epoxy Primer. This is the only kit we know of that allows basement floors with water problems to be coated with A 2-pack epoxy zinc phosphate primer RECOMMENDED USE For application to surfaces which have been prepared by wet abrasive blasting. Can be applied directly over surface rust. After 18 hours (not later than 24 hours) and while the primer is still a bit soft, apply the epoxy or polyurethane floor coating. Catalyst not included. Paint consists of two packs. The finish is now 8 years old. 1K Epoxy Primer. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION - GREY HARDENER 1. 88 kg per m 2), until there are no wet spots. The heavy viscosity of Gunzite acts as a fill coat on concrete and plaster and provides a much smoother surface to work with. The idea is to paint a picture in one sitting. The Single Layer Epoxy Primer is a single layer solvent based epoxy primer. Good sanding. It’s the recommended primer for our WetEdge topside paint, TotalTread non-skid deck paint, and TotalGold marine paints. $76. As a ATE215 2K Wet On Wet PU Primer Surfacer is a Refinish Quality, high performance “High solids”, 2K Acrylic Polyurethane Primer Surfacer specifically designed for wet on wet applications when fast spot &amp; panel repairs are needed or over new fully cured electro-coat panels which require priming prior to basecoat or to M. As a primer-surfacer that can be sanded for extra smoothness and maximum appearance prior to topcoating. Short Code: 7-413 Features & Benefits. As well as featuring quick drying and excellent durability, it has been specifically designed to be used in high productivity ‘Wet-On-Wet’ mode. One is Base & & another When your floor is dry, and the concrete is at least 4 weeks old, you can use the Dry Surface Floor Primer. ADDITIVES-MIXING RATIO Sanding: 2 : 1 Primer : Hardener + 15% Uni Thinner Non-Sanding: 2 : 1 Primer : Hardener + 20% Uni Thinner APPLICATION 320 will work, but you need to make sure that you spray your sealer wet enough so it fills the scratches. It will bond, cure and protect concrete due to its high tolerance to wet conditions, resisting up to 20 psi hydraulic vapor pressure coming up through a concrete floor. 0 PR offers quick, 30-minute recoat window for wet-on-wet topcoat application mortar or the Sikafloor® Epoxy Cove Mortar while the Sikafloor® Vertical Epoxy Primer is tacky, working “wet on wet”. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting The epoxy primer I use as a sealer I always use wet on wet. Epoxy Primer may also be applied as a sealer to ensure greater inter-coat adhesion, chemical resistance, and color holdout. PR Epoxy DPM Primer is designed to seal damp or wet concrete, cement and other substrates up to 98% relative humidity prior to overcoating with resin finishes. Poly primer is great for using over bare fiberglass and epoxy. HP Epoxy Primer can be directly recoated with polyester stopper, after drying and sanding. Abrasive blast clean to AS 1627. I sprayed a RTS epoxy primer on my truck, and its been on the truck for a week or better. A typical example of wet-on-wet coating is a coating that consists of a capped polyisocyanate that is first deposited on the substrate followed by applying a second coating consisting of 1,2-epoxy functionality before curing the first composition. Flatting with a guide coat. It may be coated with top coats, also using wet-on-wet tech nique. So I do final blocking with it as well. Roll out any puddles. S. Recoat within 48 hours without sanding RS 500P is a solvent-free, wet & rust tolerant primer or primer-finish epoxy coating. Wet-on-wet Epoxy Primer , Find Complete Details about Wet-on-wet Epoxy Primer,2k Epoxy Primer,Car Paint Epoxy Primer from Car Paint Supplier or Manufacturer-Qingdao Dexin Automotive Paint Co. Recoatable wet-on-wet (maximum): 8 hours. The ready to spray VOC is 3. ® Construction Chemicals specification. into wet epoxy Seal Coat Recoatable Epoxy Primer @ 4. SPRAY GUN SETUP APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS . Epoxy Primer. Additional Products: Sikadur®-330 Epoxy-based primer, impregnation resin and adhesive E350 Epoxy Primer E350 is a high-build epoxy primer offering good corrosion protection. Just a little in the epoxy and you're opaque in 2 coats. Never fully invert empty pails in an attempt to drain material as this may result in improperly cured material during application. Available in 3 colors. Startline® P400 - P800 (wet) TECHNICAL DATA SHEET CLEANING Before and after any sanding operation, the substrate must be thoroughly degreased using 123 Protec Heavy Duty Wax & Grease Remover. The advanced resin technology in RAPTOR Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer improves adhesion to bare metal and most other prepared surfaces, and promotes intercoat performance to further extend the A two component, amine cured epoxy aerosol rust inhibitive primer. Figures 3 and 4 show the EIS spectra of the polyurethane topcoat coated sample (2#) under cyclic wet–dry and immersion conditions. They are high build and mostly used in construction, marine and chemical industries. B 100 has shown to have improved adhesion to concrete surfaces where moisture is an issue and other high-performance coatings have failed. It helps to “solidify” punky or chalky conditions; increases the bond of acrylic, polyurethane, butyl, and epoxy top coats to a variety of surfaces. It is possible to repair PVC pipe leaks temporarily, while the pipe is still leaking, with an epoxy repair putty stick. 0 (100-150) 2 cts. It is also an excellent sealer for use over TPA finishes. If you think your "ready for paint" then I would shoot 1 coat of unreduced epoxy and let it set 24 hours minimum. DTA (Direct to ANYTHING) EPOXY Premium 2k DTM Primer-Sealer is a special 1:1 Epoxy Primer with exceptional chemical adhesion to almost all substrates and direct-to-metal properties. This primer can be used as adhesion promoter, wet-on-wet primer filler with corrosion protection or sanding primer filler under all topcoats. The primer coat should be applied DP40 is a versatile 2K epoxy surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Ideally it is used as a wet-on-wet or non-sand surfacer. WB Prime FX provides excellent substrate penetration and is a suitable primer for most epoxies, urethanes, polyureas, and polyaspartic polyureas. 10 -5% $38. Can be applied wet-on-wet and over-coated by water-based, solvent based base coat and 2K direct gloss paints. Thanks to its curing properties, it grants the best efficient process, while providing outstanding final appearence. Epoxy Primer MXY177413000425. Thin first coat by 5-10%. The ability of an epoxy primer to resist corrosion is related to its thickness; the thicker the epoxy primer layer, the better the protection . 0 (150) 9. It is also a perfect protection from corrosion for sanded bare steel. Wet on wet mean . sand (corn size 0,3-0,5mm) evenly onto the wet primer especially when a self-levelling coating is to follow. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting This primer has been formulated to air dry slightly slower than a traditional epoxy primer allowing for an excellent wet edge, even on large aircraft in variable environmental conditions. Short hardening time. Charles Frihart. , Ltd. Is the hydroxymethylated resorcinol (HMR) primer unique or can a melamine-based primer also increase the wet wood strength of epoxy bonds? Although the exact reason for poor durability with some Epoxy primers can adhere to concrete strongly , also resistant to chemicals and aciyds for long term. 0 PR is a mainstream, high-performance, competitively priced epoxy primer developed to support the agricultural, construction, and earthmoving equipment (ACE) and general industrial markets. DTA Epoxy Primer provides NO shrinkage and the maximum in color holdout properties available in any product. max time, sand surface with 800 grit and apply single coat of Wanda Sealer. It typically has poor filling and sanding qualities (that sticky resin makes sanding difficult) . Wet out the oversized hole with epoxy. TotalBoat Topside Primer has a very quick cure time, which allows it to be overcoated with TotalBoat Wet Edge topside paint in just 1 hour @ 90°F, 2 hours @ 70°F, or 4 hours @ 50°F. 1 lb/gal (250 g/l) VOC compliant, non-sanding, epoxy primer-sealer that is formulated for maximum adhesion and corrosion resistance. At wet-in-wet processing: with all the 1K base coatings and 2K Topcoat Systems after 25-30 minutes of drying at 20°C after 15-20 minutes with infrared drying. com Product #703 - Semi-Flexible Epoxy Gel Adhesive. Moisture present in the concrete subfloor can cause bubbles to form in the liquid epoxy application. Perfect primer if you want a glowy or dewey finish. LV260 is a versatile product that can be applied in a couple of methods: 1. It is chromate-free and has good corrosion resistance over bare metal. PHYSICAL DATA: VOLUME SOLIDS: 60% ± 1% SOLIDS BY WEIGHT: 75% ± 1% WEIGHT PER GALLON: 11. The recommended primers for this application are TotalBoat Topside Primer or TotalBoat 2-Part Epoxy Primer. It is extremely fast drying when used as sealer or surfacer and offers very good adhesion to a wide variety of substrates, including aluminium, galvanized steel and GRP. 6 mils (115 microns) dft Macropoxy 646 @ 5. This primer can be used on clean steel, sound rusted steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and sound previously coated surfaces. Metz Epoxy Primer is a specially formulated epoxy designed to be used with various Metz epoxy and polyurethane coatings, linings, membranes and resinous flooring systems. As a wet on wet, non-sanded primer-sealer 2. E380 dries fast while still maintaining good hold out and a smooth finish. Finish Coat (Epoxy Paint) 1. (note- 3-Layer kits are discounted). TECHNICAL INFORMATION VEHICLE: Epoxy/Polyamide FINISH: NUMBER OF COATS: Low Luster COLOR: WET FILM THICKNESS DPLF Epoxy Primer may be used as a primer sealer on flexible parts over DPX801 Universal Plastics Adhesion Promoter, SX1044/SXA1044, SX1047, SX1050/SXA1050 if reduced and sprayed as follows: DPLF Epoxy Primer : DPLF401LF : Acetone 2 : 11/2 : Apply: 1 wet coat Recommended Film build: . If a release fabric is applied over the surface of fresh epoxy, amine blush will be removed when the release fabric is peeled from the cured epoxy and no additional sanding is required. Hot conditions Very hot conditions or large equipment EXR30 Epoxy Reducer Slow EXR40 Epoxy Reducer Extra Slow SUBSTRATE PREPARATION (A) While this primer is super easy to sand smooth, you may shoot the Single-Stage Urethane Paint over it in a "wet on wet" application. Sea Hawk's Tuff Stuff High Build Epoxy Primer dries fast and is able to complete a barrier system and bottom paint in just two days. Preferably, the relative humidity should be below 90%. *Dry Interior Environments:* One or two coat, flash-rust and corrosion resistant primer/finish for overheads. Application: Primer filler/ wet-on-wet primer filler /adhesion promoter Properties: Good corrosion protection, high build, good finish, rub-resistant with Glasurit® 541-5 Wax and Silicone Remover Remarks: • Can be tinted with max. it does not mean the primer has to be wet to top coat it. Dynashade LV Primer/Sealer Black Dynashade LV Primer/Sealer is a low-VOC surfacer and sealer offering total flexibility, quick dry time and great coverage. This will reactivate the epoxy on the wet edge, sprinkle chips and the the epoxy will all blend and self level into a solid monolithic coating. Excellent opacity and coverage Epoxy resin products can be messy and get on surfaces where they are not wanted. Primer must be top coated within 3 days of application. Rhino 1501 . Combined with an adequate top coating, it is suitable for exposure in an industrial or marine atmosphere. Shop epoxy primers now—formulated to prevent corrosion, it is a good standard base to ensure auto paint bonds to metal and promotes a quality finish. Available in quarts and gallons. into wet epoxy • Colored or Natural Quartz 40-50 mesh = 0. Keep the containers in a dry, cool, well ventilated space and away from sources of heat and ignition. Excellent topcoat gloss holdout. this is deceiving and makes you think the epoxy doesn't need to be dry to spray over it. The test pieces for checking adhesion are 2024 T3 aluminum alloy, clad or unclad. I was advised against going wet on epoxy primer sealer DESCRIPTION: Lesonal Epoxy Primer Sealer provides excellent corrosion resistance as a primer and a wet on wet sealer over multiple substrates. U-POL Raptor 4:1 Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer 1L Kit. Rhino 1501 is a water-based epoxy general purpose primer and coating that provides superior hide and coverage. Fast drying Excellent corrosion protection High adhesion on zinc coated surfaces Supplied with 2 nozzles Can be used wet-on-wet We carry a variety of primers for all your garage floor epoxy systems. Primer OS is a solvent based penetrating epoxy primer that exhibits excellent characteristics for coating over oil soaked concrete. b. See Refinishnetwork. Epoxy Primer available in quart and gallon sized. Wearcoat 1020 offers good resistance to acids and alkalies. Our facility and workforce allows maximum flexibility in lead times and color choices. Once WetSkin Epoxy is a superior slow-setting zero-VOC 100% solids epoxy primer formulated specifically for damp, humid, wet or underwater application conditions. primer that offers optimum adhesion and superior hide to many types of properly prepared metal, aluminum, fiberglass and plastic filling materials. Uses EC-11 is designed to be used on concrete, metal, masonry or wood where a tough, chemical resistant finish is needed. After drying, sand it properly& touch up with primer on the putty applied area. This 1:1 sealer must be activated with PC50A activator. Below 50 °F it may not harden at all so save it for a warmer day. It is a perfect isolating grounding for car repairs. summitracing. It is also suitable as a welding primer and has good insulation against moisture. It provides epoxy toughness, medium gloss and durability, with the convenience of a water-based system. DTM EPOXY PRIME/SEAL, is easy to sand and topcoat with all current base coats. • Installers should use caution during application to avoid falls caused by slipping on wet primer. Epoxy is the superior primer for adhesion and corrosion protection. Mix the two-part primer in a small bucket, cut into the corners with a brush and roll it on the countertops. Unique solvent-free, wet tolerant, glassflake epoxy protective single/topcoat. 1 VOC Wet on Wet Epoxy Primer – Gray ESU470 is a non-sanding, low VOC, smooth finish Epoxy Primer designed for high productivity shops looking for the corrosion protection expected of an epoxy and exceptional time to topcoat. P565-2834 is a versatile 2K Epoxy Primer Surfacer giving excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates. Primer may be wet or dry sanded. Wire brush or sand the wet epoxy into the surface with 50-grit sandpaper. Simply put, epoxy is the best primer for bare metal, making it excellent for newly fabricated metal parts or ones that have been fully stripped. there is an expression used in the directions for epoxy primer, "can be top coated wet-on-wet. PACKAGING epidermix 116 is supplied in 2 and 5 litre kits. RAPTOR Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer is a 2K high performance primer specifically designed to be used under RAPTOR Protective Coating to further extend the protective and anti-corrosive properties of RAPTOR. The use of special sacrificial fillers enables the coating to be applied to surface standards as low as WJ-4, St 2. 5 VOC compliant, high solids, rust-inhibitive primers. Finish Primer 442 may be used above and below the before using, allow Level Set® Epoxy Primer to acclimate to room temperature of 65°-75°F (18°-24°C) for a minimum of 24 hours. The wet basement kit is a unique epoxy system that allows you to coat floors that are damp, floors that have water coming up from underneath or flooded from above. what "wet-on-wet means is it does not need to be sanded [within it's window of time] before putting another coating on top of it. Evaporation time depends on temperature and layer thickness. Low molecular weight, liquid epoxy systems are commonly referred to as Type I, whereas systems based on higher molecular weight, solid epoxy dispersions are referred to as Type II Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by wet-foot, Sep 2, 2003. It provides excellent adhesion to cold underground concrete surfaces. Once the primer has completely dried, proper bonding between the layers is compromised. Grits finer than this may not provide enough tooth for good adhesion. B. If you found the putty somewhat thick, add small qty of Epoxy Thinner during mixing. • Wet-on-wet application with Spectracron two-component topcoats increases productivity • Low VOC at 3. The epoxy primer needs to "vent" solvents prior to spraying the primer surfacer. PENNTROWEL Epoxy Primer is a 2-component, damp surface-tolerant, penetrating epoxy primer for concrete, steel, or ceramic brick substrates. Irregular surfaces, waste, spillage, and application technique effect actual coverage. Includes catalyst. For the best adhesion, apply the buildcoat within the following times after application of primer. Mistakes or mishaps in your poured epoxy can easily happen. As a wet on wet primer - for small spot repairs and rub-throughs The new versatile Epoxy primer can be baked or air-dried overnight if required. These benefits produce smooth non-sand surface with minimal to zero sanding prior to top coating. As a wet on wet, non-sanded primer-sealer. When applying epoxy to a floor, humidity can cause many types of problems on epoxies like delamination, blistering, and bubbles when the epoxy reacts with the water. appy one or two coats of wet on wet primer allow to dry for 5 mins then follow with top coat. Epoxy is simply a primer, whereas 2K urethane primers are considered a primer surfacer. Overview. S70 WATER-BASED EPOXY PRIMER Form: GDH-1118 Rev. This product has been developed to block oil ‘bleed back’ from oil soaked concrete substrates and provide a primed surface for subsequent epoxy or MACROPOXY M111 Epoxy Wet Blast Primer - Additive Conforms to Regulation (EC) No. 50 lbs. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting My ’61 Ranchero (see photos) was initially sprayed with a primer by Napa Auto Parts and blocked down to 140-grit paper. Fast drying Good flow Wet-on-wet processing possible Good insulation against moisture APPLICATION For spot repair and refinishing of parts Best liability and corrosion protection to steel, zincked steel, aluminium and GFK Primer OS is a solvent based penetrating epoxy primer that exhibits excellent characteristics for coating over oil soaked concrete. When applied over properly prepared steel, galvanized, aluminum and fiberglass, 2K HIGH BUILD ISOFREE PRIMER is easy to sand and topcoat with all current base coats. Remember, though, that it will be much harder to fix any mistakes when the epoxy has fully cured, than when it is still wet. It is typically paired with a urethane topcoat, and is primarily used on industrial equipment, building materials and agriculture equipment. Resistant to hydrostatic pressure, this product is an excellent choice for use as a barrier on various surfaces outlined below. 1 Epoxy Primer DPLV 2. A primer is necessary to provide a bond between the metal and the final topcoat paint. After that it is possible to paint with water-based or solvent-based coating systems. EP41 Epoxy Primer 2K Epoxy Primer Date: 21st October 2016 Technical Data Sheet Avoid heavy wet coats. Inject a non-sagging epoxy/404 or 406 mixture into the hole. D. If NOT Applying a Wet-on-Wet Sealer If a wet-on-wet sealer is not being used, finish dual action sanding with P600 grit. 89 Novol Ultra 500 Epoxy Primer Paint Anti-Corrosion 2K 0. 911 1968 Camaro update. FLASH OFF at 68°F (min. Problems come about as a result of a design flaw, incorrect mixing ratios, or uneven hardening of the epoxy. Steel Spec Epoxy Primer 4. Vinyl-wash primer is a thin, vinyl resin-based primer with a phosphoric acid activator/reducer. Third, wet paint and plating can produce a much thinner finish than powder coating. 2 components, high build binder, suitable for use as part of a wet on wet system. Preparation of Surfaces for Epoxy Adhesive Bonding A clean, dry surface is a necessary prerequisite for adhesive bonding; and adhesives will either stick to the surface to which a bond is desired or to a film of extraneous material directly on that surface. Accelerator. APPLICATION Apply this material only in a well ventilated, controlled spray-Apply Epoxy Primer in one or two medium wet coats, or until Epoxy Primer is designed to penetrate and seal porous substrates and to improve the adhesion of high-performance top coats. TECHNICAL DATA Good sanding Excellent topcoat gloss holdout Wet-on-wet process with a long open time for topcoat application U-POL EPOXY PRIMER -TDS - AUS. Get the power of a two-component epoxy in the convenience of an aerosol with Rust-Oleum High Performance (VK9300 System) 2K Epoxy Primer Spray. Finish off by "wet sanding" the entire pant outside surface with 400 grit Wet or Dry sandpaper. Sea Hawk Tuff Stuff Gray Epoxy Primer. 50 – 0. Product Code: P565-2834 resistance. DO NOT get it wet in transport and try to get the EPOXY primer on asap. Good for spring and summer months! I absolutely love wet. Add either 5% by weight to the primer before mixing with hardener and thinner, or add 33 ml / 30 gm per litre to the ready to spray mixture. Primer 101. Features and benefits • Outstanding E350 Epoxy Primer is a low VOC, high solids, HAPs-Free epoxy primer sealer. For instance, does epoxy flooring become slippery when it gets wet? Epoxy flooring is designed to prevent skidding and slipping, especially epoxy mortar and flake epoxy floors. Designed for use with our Poxy Shield Paints - this quality primer can even be applied when the surface is damp, saves time! The surface properties of the samples were studied by a contact angle measuring device. Next page – What is wet on wet painting? You can try the techniques in oils or acrylics. On the next day of primer check hardness of the primer before applying finish coat. 0 (225) 1 ct. Salt spray resistance test completed at >2,500 hours according to ASTM B117 at an independent laboratory. A two-coat epoxy primer for application over fiberglass or unusually rough plaster or concrete. Paul The application ?wet-on-wet?: apply 2 wet layers, solvent evaporation time after each application is 10 ? 15 minutes. 3 out of 5 stars 203. Not to be used over wash primers or synthetic primers. Primer, Easy-Primer AntiPest, XPrimer TopGloss, Xtreme Gloss Easy-Primer Easy-Gloss Clipper I (5-15 coats wet-on-wet until total absorption) EasyPrimer EasyGloss Epoxy Yacht HB AntiPest, XPrimer TopGloss, Xtreme Gloss Easy-Primer Easy-Gloss Dry sand with P120-150 grade Dry sand with P80–P150 grade Grind Dry sand with P80 grade Dry sanding It’s also adaptive to different environments and work conditions, and can even be applied to wet or damp concrete with no performance issues. Run a tack cloth over it and spray your base coat. PRODUCT USES Poly-ChemCure PC-590 is a true wet process epoxy coating ideal for use in paper and pulp mills, chemical processes, waste water treatment facilities, fertilizer plants, electric generating stations, ore recovery facilities, mining sites, refineries, dairies, laundries, dams, marine environments such as pilings, submarine pens, wet ends of paper machines, bleach plants, cooling 8. 5 VOC epoxy primer/sealer, which provides excellent filling over sand blasted metals. This product should be applied by roller or brush at five to eight mil thickness when wet. Regardless of whether you’ve wet or dry sanded it’s always a good idea to go over your work with a gray or red scuff pad. pm. Sep 6, 2010 #4 2K primers & surfacers or as a wet-on-wet for small spot repairs & run-throughs. As a transport primer 4. Wet sanding 2K Urethane primer is best done with 400 to 600 grit wet/dry paper on a Durablock. It was developed as a mainstream, high-performance, competitively priced epoxy primer for the agricultural, construction and earthmoving equipment (ACE) sector and general industrial markets. You might paint a sky; then while it is still wet, paint a tree over that sky. either 5% by weight to the primer before mixing with hardener and thinner, or add 33 cc / 30 gm per litre to the ready-to-spray mixture. VP330-1235 is a versatile 2K Epoxy Surfacer. The paint can be applied before the under paint dries. It sands so stinking poor it's unreal. a. Once the epoxy coat dries The epoxy will begin hardening immediately and depending on the size of your repair, it will be ready to sand in anywhere from a few hours to a day. A two-component, solvent-free epoxy damp proof membrane and moisture mitigating primer. It can be used as a sealer and applied wet-on-wet when reduced with a compliant reducer. 1l covers approximately 60 sq feet at 3 MIL. We began wet sanding (220 grit) with a longboard and found the hull to be pretty fair except in one region near the automatic balers. It has great adhesion, humidity resistance and even has great insulating properties. 1. The primer creates a perfect surface for the epoxy to stick to. As a wet on wet, non-sanded primer-sealer topcoated with Autocryl, Autocoat BTLV or Autocoat LV. It is dedicated for use with airless or air-assisted airless spray equipment. A two-component high solids, low VOC, HAPs free epoxy primer. Selemix 7-414 Epoxy Vinyl Primer is 2 pack primer that can be applied in a wet on wet paint system with a minimum of 2 hours between coats saving valuable time on application reducing the overall labour costs. 5 VOC compliant high solids chrome-free corrosion inhibitive primer. This product can be reduced to be used as a corrosion resistant sealer in a wet on wet application. 22 – Epoxy Polyamide Paints (Primer, Intermediate, and Topcoat). One to two coats will render a one millimeter dry film thickness, which is typically enough to be completely effective. That means I'm doing a final sanding with 400 or 600 wet. I dont think the epoxy ever fully dried completely. I have wet sanded with 600 grit and ended up sanding through the epoxy into the body filler and bare steel. Topcoat with U-TECH single stage and basecoat systems 2. I was planning to use the epoxy primer on all of the machine and use the filler primer to smooth up my outer sheetmetal for a smooth shine. That said, if epoxy gets coated in oil or water, the surface of the floors become slippery. Joined: Sep 2003 West System Epoxy says I need to use a vinylester primer between the epoxy and • It represents a high quality primer in the system of corrosion protection of metal surfaces The coating is distinguished for good chemical and mechanical resistance. Whether you're talking about paint, primer, bare metal or anything in between, your car's body can be smoothed by wet sanding. wet on wet being after the epoxy has dried out but before it has fully cured out so it will cross link ,i once made the mistake of laying my 2K primer too early and the epoxy would not cure underneath ,i then had to strip the whole job off. Finally, wet paint is a much more economical finishing process, particularly for smaller jobs. Epoxy putty starts flexible but dries to the hardness of metal. This unique product contains both components within the aerosol container and are activated prior to use. Uses EC-12 is used to prime concrete, metal and wood, as well as many other existing coatings. 956. Corobond 100 Epoxy 4. This primer can be used on all properly prepared metals and plastics. Let it dry completely. 3-0. It’s also adaptive to different environments and work conditions, and can even be applied to wet or damp concrete with no performance issues. Using microsheet silicate technology, millions of microscopic sheets overlap and build a 100% water barrier that protects the surface from moisture and water penetration. It is a zero VOC, zero HAP, very low odor, two component, water-based epoxy primer. • For barrier coat recoating, see the next page of this sheet. Scope 1. Works on concrete and steel for both vertical walls and horizontal floor surfaces. Provides excellent sprayability, flow and Dynashade Surfacer Sealer Black is an easy-to-use wet-on-wet sealer and high-build surfacer. This water based epoxy primer is designed for adhesion 1 ct. Rapid drying and topcoating allows for early handling of steel when used as shop primer or on site applications. Excellent protection of steel surfaces. Before painting fiberglass surfaces, you need to first "slightly" scratch these surfaces with 320 grit sandpaper, used dry. I use aluminum powder that is sold to signpainters to mix silver paint. FREE Shipping. Most projects will utilize one of our three basic primers. Allow the epoxy to soak into the exposed end grain of the wood (as with faster bonding). This product is a two-component high-performance corrosion primer. ACRYLMERIC WB Epoxy Primer Membrane is an innovative 2-pack water-based epoxy primer/membrane which is used for priming and waterproofing a wide variety of substrates. This work will go quicker if you have a helper handling the cut-in work. Withstands hydrostatic head of water pressure up to 25 metres or 250kPa. 0 (250-500) Filler/Sealer, as required to fi ll IF USED AS A SEALER: Apply 1 wet coat to achieve a dry film of 0. You would sand the same way as 2K Urethane Primer—400 to 600 grit wet. • • It enables the application of the top coating according to the “wet on wet” system Assessment of Increased Wet Wood Bonding for Epoxy-Bonded Samples Using a Melamine-Urea-Formaldehyde Priming Agent. Wet-sanding the epoxy will also remove the amine blush. • 5 Primer Sealer + PERSONAL PROTECTION • For use by trained professionals only. Primer + Hardener Possible Modes Of Use D8595 + Epoxy Hardener D8298 Sanding Filler Isolator Wet-on-Wet - Spot Repair PREPARATION OF SUBSTRATE SUBSTRATE SAND Bare Steel P80-P120 Galvanised steel P400 (dry) Zintec Fine sanding pad Ideal for a wide range of vehicle repairs, Epoxy Primer can be used as a high build surfacer or a wet-on-wet sealer. 1 This specification covers three types of two-component epoxy polyamide coatings—primer, intermediate, and topcoat —for use on steel surfaces. . Prior to applying epoxy primer, clean the sanded surfaces with your chosen paint prep cleaner. Gloss Grade – matt. P 565-897 is a 2k Wet on Wet isocyanate cured undercoat with outstanding holdout properties beneath Nexa Autocolor topcoats. Conseal Wet can be used on any application where rapid completion of work is required on damp substrates or in any situation where it would be difficult or It gives very good adhesion to various substrates and excellent sealing properties. Very strong adhesion to various substrates. Contaminated epoxy bonding surface. 1 Epoxy Hardener D 87xx / DT18xx Reducers 2 1 1 Additives: None Wet sanding is an amazing process that, when done properly, can result in a surface that's as smooth as glass. 5 lbs/gal. Montana Big Sky PS3045 Epoxy Primer two-component, chromate-free epoxies are designed for use as medium fill primers that provide optimum adhesion with excellent corrosion protection for bare substrates. A fast-dry epoxy with excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion to a variety of properly prepared metals and some automotive plastics. Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer is an adhesion promoting, wet on 7022 CrownPrime is a high-performance, high build, high solids, 2-component polyamine epoxy primer. This is especially important when gluing around interior areas or on surfaces where visual appearance will be important. We have state-of-the-art wet paint systems. 16 minutes ago; Raymond_B; Sealers 6401, 6402, 6403. as stated above, once the window is closed it will need to be scuffed or reacted with the epoxy. Epoxy primer (2K) Epoxy is a good corrosion fighter. Sprays on smoothly and has excellent opacity for a slick topcoat finish and uniform ground coat for repairs. Compared to the competition, it goes on thinner, covers more area, is more 9. EQUIPMENT CLEANING Full Product Name 136 Epoxy Primer (Urethane) Type of Product 2KEpoxy Urethane Primer Description Concept 136 Epoxy Primer (Urethane) is a high solid, high build 2K epoxy urethane primer that combines the benefits of epoxy coatings toughness and hardness with urethane flexibility and durability. The amount of fairing required seems to be little enough that mixing epoxy with microballoons might be overkill. Nason® Ful-Poxy® 491-10™ DTM Epoxy Primer/Sealer A 2. Also use as a foundation for other materials such as polyester filler, cold rolled and blasted steel. Part Saved . CIMCOATING : Allow CIM EMT Primer to cure at least 4 hours at 70ºF (21ºC). E350 Epoxy Primer is a versatile product that can be applied in a couple of different methods: 1. zinc and existing epoxy surfaces. 6. Ideal for poorly and hand prepared surfaces (St 2 or WJ-4). They are in two grade, applied on cracks on the surface and capable to fill cracks very well. Epoxy Primer 37035A is a 2 or 3-component amine cured epoxy primer with improved adhesion properties for interior and exterior use. DESCRIPTION . Trying out wet sanding for the first time getting the final primer ready for sealer coat and paint. A few friends have recommended epoxy, but you have some questions. 1 Product identifier 1. Microsheet silicate technology allows the epoxy to build a 100% water barrier that protects the surface from water penetration and moistu KILZ® 1-Part Epoxy Concrete & Garage Floor Paint is a single-component water-based epoxy. Protec Epoxy Primer (faster option) or PP-3450 Paraglaze CT 2K HP Epoxy Primer - Grey. It is designed to fill the pores in the concrete substrate to avoid outgassing bubbles and to enhance adhesion. 5, apply primer within 4 Hours of blasting. 5 epoxy on bare steel and sealer. com AquaSheen Ultra Seal Epoxy Primer is part of a prime and seal system for porous type surfaces such as concrete, cement render, quartz, pebble & marble type finishes. Purchasing Wetlander as a 2-Layer or 3-layer kit consisting of both Primer(s) and Topcoat is the best way to achieve long lasting performance. See Accesories. Surface may require double priming due to porosity of plywood. Many types of epoxy have a strong smell, making it important to do the mixing and pouring in an area that gets plenty of fresh air. Then top coat the Wet Dry epoxy with this Water Gard 300 epoxy to match the white or light blue pool color. epoxy coatings for applications to damp or wet surfaces epoxy 'paints' and coatings that can be painted on to damp or wet concrete surfaces. It is a time issue for me. 1907/2006 (REACH), Annex II M111A MACROPOXY M111 Epoxy Wet Blast Primer - Additive SAFETY DATA SHEET Product name: 1. Developed for use in conjunction with other industrial coatings to provide excellent corrosion resistance. (*additional priming required). If needed, fill with Epifanes Epoxy filler. The resin includes a specialised water-repellent additive which forms a tenacious moisture barrier. Mix the epoxy in a well-ventilated, dust-free environment. It can be overcoated by itself if used as a sealer-filler or by other epoxy and polyurethane sealers-fillers. This Chrome Hazard Free Primer provides excellent adhesion to treated substrates and meets the U. Aqueous Epoxy Resin Systems for Metal Primer Applications Abstract Two component, waterbased epoxy coatings can be classified by the type of epoxy resin employed. 75 mil Topcoat: After 30 minutes About Wet on Wet Painting in Oil or Acrylic. The recommended ratio between the binder and the pastes is 85 Along with wet-on-wet capabilities with various compatible topcoat systems, E2A400 DTM Primer also has the option to be accelerated, making it an ideal prep coat for many other OE and refinish applications seeking improved process times; it is also recommended as an undercoat for aluminum, which makes it ideal in the sign fabricating marketplace, the company said. It can be coated using wet-on-wet technique. Suitable for almost all surfaces including bare steel, galvanized and stainless steel, aluminium and old paints. I absolutely love wet n wilds photo focus dewy primer!!! It makes my face look so youthful and beautiful! My face now looks smooth and glows! I am so happy I finally found the perfect primer! A must buy DPLV 2. As a primer-surfacer that can be 400 grit dry by hand or machine or 600 grit wet. Designed for use on most substrates such as ferrous and non ferrous metals, aluminium, fibreglass and many other surfaces. , which are wet or relatively fresh, involves problems in the bonding of the epoxy system to the substrate, as the floor’s pores are full of water and therefore the primer of the epoxy layer cannot penetrate and achieve the proper fastening. Then scuff the epoxy primer before applying the primer surfacer. APPLICATION 1. The epoxy primer I use does not have different mixing ratios for wet on wet. After 8 hrs. Clean Up Clean all tools and equipment with Sika® Epoxy Cleaner. Immediately after spreading EUCOFLOOR EPOXY PRIMER, broadcast 16-30 mesh dry aggregate over the surface of the wet epoxy at a rate of approximately 1 lb per ft 2 (4. 1 Epoxy Primer DP401LV 2. DFE-08 When Value Is Essential. After you are satisfied with the texture and fairness of the epoxy surface, rinse the surface with fresh water. Wet sanding removes amine blush while you sand, reduces clogging of the sandpaper, and reduces dust and exposure to partially cured epoxy. 4082 2K Epoxy Primer HAMR Coatings 4082 is HAMR Coatings 2pack Epoxy primer, suitable for a wide range of applications. Suitable as a primer or as a primer filler for industrial refinish applications, the primer also provides excellent anti-rust protection. It can be applied and cured to temperatures down to 35°F. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting This white heavy duty chemical and solvent resistant amine cured primer from Stits is fast drying and corrosion inhibiting. Polyester Primers. (1-1 Mix) 4. Epoxy Primer possesses excellent Product Description. APPLY PRIMER AS IS AND DO NOT THIN WITH SOLVENT. Quantum45 Epoxy Surfacing Primer Adequate filling, excellent adhesion and protection, and superior topcoat holdout. Download Full PDF wet-on-wet application window is desired (can be top-coated with catalyzed urethane after 10 minute flash). 1 VOC corrosion-resistant primer. 5 lb/gal VOC compliant · Short-filled to allow for easy The product has excellent sealing properties and can be applied over and under polyester putties. Damp proof membrane primer for cement, concrete and other substrates Epoxy Primer Suitable for dry or damp conditions, old or new concrete Remember, rather apply the first top-coat on a rather wet primer than a too dry and tacky primer. Eastwood Epoxy Primer should be applied in medium wet coats, with a 30-minute flash Epoxy Primer presto Epoxy primer is an all-purpose 1K primer that provides excellent adhesion and corrosion prevention on sheet steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium. 320/321 Epoxy is a very fast dry fast cure primer/sealer that has tremendous corrosion resistance and adhesion. what it means is, it has the ability to be top coated without sanding, and in the case of epoxy primer there is a time window. EXR20 Epoxy Reducer Normal NIRR = Near Infra Red Reflectance 408-5208 EX-408 NIRR BEIGE Metal pretreatment by zinc phosphating. Use as Primer or Sealant for Concrete. Protect 360 can be applied in 1+1 ratio with Hardener H 5950 (wet on wet) or in 4+1 ratio with Hardener H 5960 with additional thinner in different ratio (10, 25 and 50%). Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer 4:1 Hardener 1:4 for Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer Thinner for epoxy products PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2-pack epoxy primer with anti-corrosion additives for car repairs. Epoxy primer actually seals out the oxygen from the metal, leaving no chance of rust or corrosion forming on the surface like some cheap spray bomb type primers. It is an all-around concrete primer/sealer. A low viscosity primer based on a solvent-diluted adhesive or an adhesive latex dispersed in water can readily flow into these asperities and planarize the adherend surface with a thin protective film that the adhesive resin can wet and interdiffuse with during cure. Essentially I used no Primer whatsoever it's all Epoxy. This top-of-the-line Epoxy Primer is highly recommended for painting over plaster or smooth concrete surfaces. It has been formulated to be a low odor, two-component, water-based epoxy primer for interior use. Initial sanding will remove the high points, and it is only when the whole of the guide coat has been removed that the high points of the panel will be level with the low points - then the surface will be completely smooth and ready for top coating. It is has a very sticky resin and will provide good adhesion to MOST substrates. Epoxy Primers are typically non-sanding products and the 1K Epoxy Aerosol Primer is no exception. Download PDF. Use caution in mixing materials as epoxy primer may begin to gel after approximately 90 minutes (at 70 °F). Mixes 1:1 with RS-781 catalyst and National Rule compliant. 96 Reduced price! In Stock WANDA 7000 Epoxy Primer Hardener - Quart $36. Tufcote 3. Under most circumstances you will not need to DA sand over your work after wet sanding because wet sanding creates much finer scratches. • For wet-on-wet application, recoat SUM-LVSP420, SUM-LVSP421 or SUM-LVS422 when handslick (usually 10-30 minutes). PPG TrueFinish announces Spectracron 560 Wet-On-Wet Epoxy Primer, a two-component, 3. For comparison purposes, three different commercial epoxy resins, used as primer, putty, or adhesive to manufacture and apply the composites through the wet lay-up technique to the surfaces to strengthen, were subjected to the same treatment. It is VOC Compliant in all states and provinces in North America. 60 lbs. • Do not apply Prime-Tek Epoxy Primer when ambient air and substrate temperatures fall below 50°F (10°C) or when inclement weather is forecast. With application properties similar to a topcoat, it is most often used as the finish primer for Quantum99 Polyurethane Topcoat once sanded to the end user’s level of satisfaction. I'm in Florida and it rains every afternoon in the summer months, so I've had my epoxy get wet a number of times. If you use the wrong type of paint on materials forced to endure wet environments, you can expect finish failure in the form of flaking, peeling, fading and chipping. 1K Epoxy Primer with excellent anti-corrosion properties and very good insulation from moisture, perfect for spot repairs. 6-2. 8 L) !!! No Odour from Latex as well ,great for re-coating deep areas inside boats where you have to breath two part paint poisonous fumes Check out Benjamin Moore Exterior, did our shed and gate wood with BJ Not Raptor, but I have spray bedliner over epoxy ( Kirker which is what Eastwoods is ) in a wet on wet situation and it worked. drying the 1K Epoxy Primer. 96. Colour Off white. All I can see is recoat time frames from as low as 10 hours minimum. You will also need sandpaper, typically 60-80 grit works well unless you’re sanding off varnish or primer, and a bucket of water. Axalta Introduces New Epoxy Primer To Its Tufcote® Liquid Industrial Coatings Portfolio Tufcote 3. Its hard to say without a lot of testing. It can be directly topcoated, wet-on-wet, with any topcoat system. JCCLARK what epoxy do you use that actually sands decent? P580-2920 is a high performance epoxy primer specifically designed for high-build applications over structural substrates such as chassis. See full list on help. Mixing ratio is 2 parts base, 1 part catalyst. Primer sealer. This specially designed epoxy system is capable of being applied as a one or two coat system over grit blasted, Use wet mil gauges to monitor coverage rates throughout application. Description: Two component waterbase epoxy primer for protecting concrete surfaces. Density – 1,51 kg/l. 00 Reduced price! In Stock ALEXSEAL ® Finish Primer 442 is designed to prime and seal old and new, properly prepared, stable surfaces such as gelcoat and fiberglass, as well as to seal other ALEXSEAL ® primers and filler systems. Works perfectly as an isolation grounding for car repairs. Too thick of an application may result in product failure. Epoxy wet on wet waiting times - posted in Paint & Panel: I have read in older posts around the place about applying either urethane high build or colour (in hidden areas and what not) over the top of Epotec 408 wet on wet. Dry Time: Recoatable wet-on-wet (minimum): 20 minutes. We highly recommend M. Once applied you can do about anything you want after that. beautyw6 from undisclosed. Repeat steps 7 & 8 until entire floor is complete. 0-20. emea@sherwin. U-POL Raptor Epoxy primer is a 2K anti-corrosive VOC compliant primer with excellent salt spray resistance for application to most substrates. 7. Part Name / #: Product Type: Autocoat LV Epoxy CIP is a versatile product that can be applied in a couple of different methods: 1. Zinc content of the coating gives steel cathodic protection if the film is damaged. Epifanes Epoxy Primer: Epifanes Poly-urethane Yacht Coating: Number of coats: 1 : 3 : Thinner: 25% : 0 - 5% : Drying Time: 12 hours : 24 hours : Abrasive paper: Not necessary : 400 - wet : Remarks: Bonding primer for subsequent coats. Be sure to purchase an epoxy putty that is appropriate for plastic and is curable in wet conditions. Very often, polyurethane topcoats will lift or wrinkle primers other than epoxies much as a paint stripper would do. This product has superb chemical, abrasion, and substrate resistance allowing it to withstand most common cleaning chemicals, solvents, fluids and other debris that will get on your floor. The unique characteristics allow the 202 ACE Epoxy Primer to penetrate deep into the concrete flooring, resulting in an incredible bond that, in most cases, is many times stronger than standard 100% solids Delfleet Wet on Wet Surfacer : F4942 RLD263V Download Compliant Wet on Wet Surfacer - DELFLEET ONE: F4942 Epoxy Primer: D8595 RLD315V Download Epoxy primer over some other primer. The car sat for about a year in that state. We test wet adhesion according to FED STD 141 method 6301. Can also be used as a wet-to-wet primer for some Metz cement based adhesive systems. £71. Features: VFI ®-#11 9:1 Epoxy Primer. 5 hours @ 77F, provided that the applied millage is maintained at 3-4 mils DFT, and that E-60 accelerator is used. Cleanup: Both the primer and topcoat should be cleaned up with water immediately after use. Hardened epoxy layers must always be sanded before applying an overcoat. PRODUCT SIZE DP48LV Low VOC P580-2903 is a high performance epoxy primer specifically designed for high-build applications over structural substrates such as chassis. It can be apply with wet-on-wet technique. ) For this reason, epoxy resins can be applied over polyester/vinyl ester resins to achieve a chemical bond, but polyester/vinyl ester resins can not be applied over epoxy resin. 25mm). In a way I did leave it in 400 because I was going to seal over those scratches with sealer and fill them in. 5 – . It can also be directly recoated with polyester stopper, after drying and sanding. 3. Can be applied wet on wet. Gives your pool paint a solid base coat, absorbs surface moisture and creates a more durable epoxy pool finish. Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection for steel, galvanized steel, aluminium and fiberglass; Wet-on-wet application possible; Fast drying; Good flow; Simple, time-saving application; Good insulation against moisture EC-11 Water-Based Epoxy is a premium quality two-component, chemical resistant, long pot life epoxy coating. Epoxy Primer 10:1 Hardener 1:10 for Epoxy Primer Thinner for epoxy systems PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2-pack epoxy primer for quick car repairs. It's long rolls (50 metre) and will last a lot longer than the 14 days without welding itself to your hull! The last lot I bought, about 5 weeks ago, were on offer - a pack of three rolls for £ ALUMINUM EPOXY PRIMER Aluma Protect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401 is a corrosion resistant, two component epoxy-polyamide coating for use on properly prepared aluminum where maximum resistance to fresh or salt water is required. 0 mils (125 microns) dft Epoxy coatings may darken or yellow following application and curing. LP20 Epoxy Primer is a two part epoxy primer for use as a primer under H1000, LP610 or LP620 (low VOC), or under 800K, 846, PS21nr, LS800 or LS56 (National Rule), as a primer-surfacer or as a wet-on-wet sealer under Limco topcoats. Primer 101 from Rhino Linings offers excellent moisture tolerance and is used as a primer for wood and a primer for concrete surfaces. POT LIFE AT 20 0C / 68 F 24 ho ur APPLICATION Sanding: 1 - 2 coat 50 - 80 µm (2,0-3,15 mil) Non-Sanding: 1 coat 50 µm (2,0 mil) SUBSTRATES I could have left my primer sanded with wet 400 because it is a solid color . The cured epoxy primer should appear clear and glossy. This versatile product can be used as a primer, sealer, bonder, adhesive and repair matrerial. 0 PR epoxy primer. E380 has a ready to spray VOC < 3. P580-3005 HP Epoxy Primer is a high performance amine cured epoxy primer based on Strontium Chromate. 6007 WC Epoxy is designed to protect problematic floor areas that remain damp or wet. 4082 is designed to be used direct to metal, to help in the prevention of corrosion. PC-50B Epoxy Primer/Sealer is a lead and chromate free formula, that exhibits excellent drying and color holdout characteristics with no shrinkage. What each layer is,… Wearlon Industrial Primer – A tough and protective high grade epoxy providing optimal durability & adhesion. 40 - 0. Awlgrip 545 is a two component epoxy primer system with corrosion and adhesion properties for steel, aluminum, wood, and fiberglass substrates above or below the waterline. Can be applied to bare metal, plastics and fibreglass (Please read tech sheet for application). Advantages Epoxy Polyamide Paint Application PAINT SPECIFICATION NO. EAL 26 - Epoxy Tripolyphosphate Primer is based on the epoxy resin and the polyamide hardener, combined with the aluminum triphosphate corrosion inhibitor to form a two-component corrosion inhibitor. Glad to know it will work as I had planned. B 100 is a high-performance epoxy primer system designed to reduce water vapor transmission. For a metallic you wet sand with 600 before paint. Very soft sanding, wet or dry after short dry times. This primer has been formulated to air dry slightly slower than a traditional epoxy primer allowing for an excellent wet edge, even ColorMatic 1K Epoxy primer is an all-purpose 1K primer that provides excellent adhesion and corrosion prevention on sheet steel, zinc-coated steel, aluminium and anodised aluminium. Pro 1K Epoxy primer is an all-purpose 1K primer that provides excellent adhesion and corrosion prevention on sheet steel and many other difficulty substrates. Available in gallons and quarts. I use the Epoxy to be my only primer many times. 75L It enables the application of the top coating according to the “wet on wet” system. 1Epoxy ESU470 • Hardener ESU479 • Fast Reducer ESR300 Another manufacturer produces a high-solids epoxy primer that is formulated specifically for wet on wet application. Pettit AlumaProtect Aluminum Epoxy Primer 4400/4401 is a 2 part strontium chromate primer designed to form the ideal barrier coat over roughed bare aluminum. Packsize: 0. com PITTSBURGH, July 20, 2015 – PPG Industries’ (NYSE:PPG) industrial coatings business has introduced SPECTRACRON® SEP primer, a fast-drying, two-component (2K), wet-on-wet epoxy primer that is designed to help heavy-duty original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) increase production throughput without sacrificing corrosion resistance. WB Prime FX is a 1:1 ratio, 41% solids, water-based epoxy primer. Lightly sand the TotalBoat Topside Primer with 220-grit or 320-grit sandpaper and remove any sanding residue prior to applying TotalBoat Wet Edge. Compatible with polyurethane, epoxy and acrylic topcoats. 01”) will result in poor primer Karnak 180 Karna-Sil is a two part water-based epoxy primer used to prepare built-up asphalt (BUR), modified bitumen membrane, EPDM surfaces and more. I've never tried the West color additive. Wet-on-wet is a direct painting technique that can be used with all wet paint mediums: watercolor, gouache, acrylic, and oil paints. 1 VOC Epoxy Primer provides excellent adhesion and corrosion resistance to many types of properly prepared steel, aluminum, and fiberglass substrates. Epoxy primers are used for a wide variety of materials due to their strong adhesion, good mechanical ability, and durable chemical resistance in wet and high-humidity environments. See Bonding & Clamping. The primer can be shaded with GraviHEL pastes according to the RAL colour chart or sample. 5 lbs. Pro Industrial DTM Acrylic Coating 2. The ready to spray VOC is less than 3. When applied to a properly prepped concrete, M. After coating the primer on a wet concrete surface of a structure, a reinforced fiber sheet or similar material could be attached to the surface with a high level of adhesive strength without being influenced by the water. Epoxy Primer is user-friendly with simple application; while offering great holdout, durability, and a smooth final appearance. The application of epoxy systems on industrial floors, on floors subjected to high traffic etc. Many people prefer wet sanding the epoxy because it reduces sanding dust and it will allow you to skip Step 2. Mixing: DPLV 2. Great product and price. Make certain that the floor temperature and air temperature is between 55 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also suitable as a welding primer and is very quick drying. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting The hull has some slight pitting. Quantum45 Epoxy High Build Primer allow freedom of movement on the wet floor. This primer is part of some ISO 12944-6 approved systems. Yes you can use epoxy primer on metal because it isn’t a open pore primer. The primer provides an essential layer to these surface types sealing them ready for the next stage of AquaSheen Epoxy Pool Paint to achieve a durable finish. People use epoxy and other primers in different ways. 1-2 cts. : 052517 1 . OEM powder clear). This high-performance formula resists hot tire pick-up, scuffing, fading, cracking, peeling and blistering. Handle with care. 1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primers Product Description 1K Epoxy Rub Thru Primer is supplied ready for use in an easy to use Aerosol . F3955 Epoxy Primer may be used as a non-sand primer in a wet-on-wet system provided the dry film thickness does not exceed 40 µm (60 µm wet). Epoxy Primer GUN SETTINGS For additional details about tip sizes, air pressures and other adjustments that may be worth considering, please refer to specific gun manufacturer’s technical information. It is ideally used as a wet-on-wet or non-sand surfacer, but may be baked or air-dried if required. 1 Epoxy Primer PPPP----245245245 DPLV DPLV 2. Using this primer as a base enhances the “Wet Look” of ALEXSEAL ® ’s Topcoats. WEP™240 is a low viscosity, 100% solids formulation damp-tolerant epoxy resin system intended for priming the surface specifically for use in wet or damp substrates. For shop application only: Perma-Clean II Epoxy primer can be re-coated wet on wet in as little as 2. • Can be directly topcoated, wet-on-wet, with any topcoat system • Fast dry, fast curing epoxy that has excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion • Can be used as a primer surfacer or a sealer • Tintable What Types of Products to Use on Epoxy for Wet Sanding. Film Build: 0. Apply 1 medium-wet coat Work in 10 x 10-foot sections. 0 (100-150) Primer/Sealer Apply primer to achieve uniform hiding, appearance, and complete wetting of the concrete surface. This epoxy is highly versatile in its use and application methods, and is compatible with all U-TECH topcoats and U-BASE. 3 Details of the supplier of the safety data sheet e-mail address of person responsible for this SDS:hse. SWX350 H 2 O -So-Clean Wax and Grease Remover, DX393 0. Applications thicker than 10 wet mils (0. A furniture or automotive polish may be necessary as well, to finish your surface. Suitable for all type of substrates, even over aluminium and over combined substrates, it grants the best coverange, corrosion resistance and ease of use: always. Spray one wet coat and let flash about 30 minutes then apply a second wet coat (3rd coat is optional). Next day wet sand with 600 using a soft block, rinse, blow off with compressed air, wipe with W&G remover then wait at least 30 minutes. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting 2K ZP Epoxy Primer Product Description 2K Zinc Phosphate polyamide cured epoxy primer. e. Coat the bottom contact surface of the hardware with unthickened epoxy. 5 PDS P-196 DPLV Low VOC Epoxy Primers 2. 4 Class 2. VFI ®-#11 9:1 Epoxy Primer is a two component, water based epoxy primer that creates excellent adhesion to many different substrates. Please note, the Hardener is not included with this product. Any filler was sandwiched between coats of the undercoat. 6 mils percoat (dry film thickness) PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS It's a great wet on wet sealer, just spray it on, wait at least 1/2 hour then spray your topcoats or primer surfacer over it. Tolerant to application to surfaces which may be damp or wet DELFLEET WET ON WET SURFACER: F4942 RLD263V Download Deltron Matt Textured Clearcoat System: D8115 / D8117 / D8135 DELFLEET CHROMATE FREE EPOXY PRIMER: F391 Wet sanding with waterproof sandpaper is often the best approach to sanding cured epoxy. The primer utilises chromate based anti-corrosive pigments to deliver exceptional corrosion resistance. The Pros and Cons of Quartz Countertops DP48LF Epoxy Primer White (non-chrome) 01,04 DP50LF Non-sanding Epoxy Primer Light Gray (LF) 01,04 DP74LF Non-sanding Epoxy Primer Red (LF) 01,04 DP90LF Non-sanding Epoxy Primer Black (LF) 01,04 MIX RATIO 2 : 1 RTS VOC 4. It is dedicated for use with Plural Mix, with airless or air-assisted airless spray A fast-dry epoxy with excellent corrosion resistance and adhesion to a variety of properly prepared metals and some automotive plastics. Epoxy HDR. This product has excellent primer characteristics including excellent corrosion protection. Products that demand a thin finish can benefit greatly from wet paint. It may also be used as a one-coat sealer under 2K primers and surfacers. WEP™240 Primer is an easy to use 4:1 volumetric mix, and cures quickly with low odor. Wet-on-wet process with a long open time for topcoat application: 60. Very good adhesion to various surfaces. 83* *Excluding VAT. TYPICAL USES • General-purpose primer with excellent wetting Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer 1:1 Hardener 1:1 for Anticorrosion Epoxy Primer PRODUCT DESCRIPTION 2K epoxy primer with anti-corrosion additives. There are a couple of reasons to spray the 2k primer now instead of later. 5-4. VOC regulations that require a 2. Features • Damp surface tolerant • Penetrating for strong adhesion • Resistant to many aqueous chemicals, oils, fats, milk products, blood and some solvents. Most of the time, I do my final blocking with 320 then go over it with 400 wet on a soft pad just to be sure. Eastwood Catalyzed Technology 2K AeroSpray Epoxy Durable Primer Gray E380 and E381 Epoxy Primer FOR PROFESSIONAL USE ONLY 1/5 Description E380 is a high solids 3. We have some questions about the wet adhesion test: Here we are applying a sealer (BASF DP21) to provide a better foundation for our paint job. 4 Low VOC Cleaner. Chromate and lead free. We strongly recommended that you prime TotalBoat TotalFair epoxy fairing compound prior to applying TotalBoat Wet Edge topside paint or TotalBoat TotalTread non-skid paint, to promote the best adhesion. For all coatings, use 80 grit sandpaper/60 grit screen except TO REDUCE OUTGASSING BUBBLES, it is best to wait until the primer has set up enough to walk on before applying a build coat of Eco-CEP. There are cases where primer surfacer has peeled from bare metal. CLEAN-UP: Use REDUCER #76 for clean-up which should be done immediately after use. To use as a Paint Sealer: To use the epoxy as a paint sealer, reduce it 5-50% with the proper temperature range urethane reducer (this is very important) and spray with your base/clear gun. Waterbased Epoxy Primer Part A B73A00200 Gray, Part B B73V00200 Hardener CHARACTERISTICS WATERBASED TILE-CLAD EPOXY PRIMER is a two component, high performance, water based, cycloaliphatic amine, corrosion resistant primer. Kem Cati-Coat HS Epoxy 10. When the garage floor is dry scrape chips to remove any chips sticking up and then Vac up all the loose chips. Product Description. When mixed as a sealer though it does lay down pretty smooth. It is designed to be used for SikaWrap ® fabric installation by the wet application method. Jotafix Epoxy Primer Comp B 3 Jotafix Epoxy Primer Comp A 15 20 3 Storage The product must be stored in accordance with national regulations. Surfaces subject to consistent moisture exposure require a durable finish that is relatively easy to clean. It is crucial that when applying the epoxy, the slab is completely dry. Raptor anti-corrosive epoxy primer is a 2k high performance primer specifically designed to be used under RAPTOR Protective Coating to further extend the protective and anti-corrosive properties of RAPTOR. Save Share Epoxy Primer to seal bare metal and plastics to avoid corrosion and other defects caused by moisture. Can be used as a wet on wet process (WOW). xlsx-ENG 7/24/17 1/4 DPM Primer is a twin pack concrete primer, 100% solids epoxy primer that is ideal for damp or wet surfaces. ATTENTION: Please ensure consumption within the Pot Life. It can be used as a sealer and applied wet-on-wet when • After the drying time listed in the table above for Wet-On-Wet, 2K Epoxy Primer Sealer can be topcoated as a Wet-On-Wet system with 2K Primer Surfacers. It is suitable for application on moist, damp and wet flooring surfaces. Allow primer to cure prior to top coating. Color - Light grey. Autocoat LV Epoxy CIP is a versatile product that can be applied in a couple of different methods: 1. 10. • The shelf life of this product in unopened containers when stored Epoxoprime MVT is a unique, moisture-tolerant, two component, low viscosity, high solids epoxy primer designed to reduce moisture vapor emissions and provide alkalinity control for concrete with elevated moisture vapor transmission levels that exceed the acceptable limits of non-breathing resilient and polymer floor topping finishes. It is translucent and mostly used for bare metal only (not over filler/Bondo) and is usually primed and painted very soon after it is applied (wet on wet). It also offers good insulation against humidity. allow the epoxy to dry at least over night. Olympic Gunzite Epoxy Primer from the leader in pool paint since the 1950s. If you do it correctly, shooting 'wet on wet' (short flash times) it can adhere probably as well or even better. 9 lb/gal (350 g/L) VOC primer. Buff with a compound equivalent to 2500 grit and finish with something like 3 M's Finesse-It. 96 $ 76. Epoxy Primer can be topcoated with all topcoat finishes including acrylic lacquer. If the floor is slightly damp (not wet!), Use the epoxy floor primer for wet surfaces. Ideally it is used as a Wet-on-Wet or Non-Sand Surfacer. Generally it is used in Industrial Car Refinish in “two products” cycles, that is overcoated directly by the enamels of LECHSYS range: ISOLACK – ACRITOP. . Compatible Hardeners ar e Selemix Direct 9-010 Hardener or Selemix 9-011 Hardener. B 100 is used on all U Epoxy It Re: Masking epoxy primers, remove wet or dry? Yep, agree with John, go to B and Q, or similar DIY outlet and buy the Scotch made '14 day' masking tape. Microsheet silicate technology allows the epoxy to build a 100% water barrier that protects the surface from water penetration and moisture. They should be removed before they cure to avoid having to grind them away later. Polyester primer is a very thick two-part product and is used when there’s a good deal of bodywork. A convenient packaging method with a 9:1 part mix ratio allows for the two sides to be combined and mixed in the 9 part container without the need for measuring or an additional bucket. NATIONAL AQUA EPOXY PRIMER ( WATER BASED EPOXY) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION National Aqua Epoxy is two components, water based primer, has been specifically developed for various surfaces. 2L (Code: 11605054) 5L (Code: 11605005) HANDLING & STORAGE This primer has amazing wet adhesive properties, which makes it a good product to choose for items in humid conditions. ) 1-700 Epoxy Primer Hardener 10-20 between coats, until matt: 1-151 Uni Thinner Standard Do not use wet-on-wet application AUTOMOTIVE SUBSTRATES: DRY TIMES: (min. /gal. Epoxy Primer Grey GENERAL INFORMATION 1-7520 Epoxy Primer Grey is a high-fi lling Epoxy Primer with good resistance to chemicals, that is easy to spray. It is fast drying with good flow and can be applied wet-on-wet. I run a small bodyshop and use this primer on our restoration work. Read the can for full directions. Wet sanding epoxy primer is usually the best way to prep it because epoxy has a tendency to clog paper when sanded dry. 5 mils DFT. 5. of epoxy primer. Sikadur®-300 is a two-part, epoxy based, low-viscous, unfilled primer or impregnation resin with an extra long pot life and a slow curing speed. Adhesion, protection and filling properties in one RAPTOR Anti-Corrosive Epoxy Primer is a 2K high performance primer specifically designed to be used under RAPTOR Protective Coating to further extend the protective and anti-corrosive properties of RAPTOR. The S70 Water-Based Epoxy Primer is formulated for brush and roller application. For smooth aluminum, choose Pettit Metal Primer 6455/044. After 3 days, re-priming will be necessary. V. Allow 20–30 minutes flash time before applying topcoat. Product Code: D834 TECBOND LO-MOD LV is a 2 component, low modulus (flexible enough so that it adjusts to the stresses of impact and thermal variation), low viscosity, wet/damp 100% solids epoxy based compound. That means the paint may be applied over fresh primer that has still not cured. Red Epoxy Primer Kit, 1 Quart with 1/2 Pint Activator House of Kolor. 4 E380 Epoxy Primer Grey or E381 Epoxy Primer Black the paint companies use the term "wet on wet" and it is confusing. It is important not to start too late with the topcoat. Should you need to sand you should wait approximately 3 days, and then you will need to wet sand. 6 Low VOC Cleaner or DX394 1. The urethane primer is what you want to use after your bodywork is done as a filler primer. Shelf life at 23 °C 24 24 Jotafix Epoxy WPA 560 Moisture Seal is a two part, water-based epoxy primer designed as a water and vapour proof coating under waterproofing membranes, ceramic tile adhesives*, levelling compounds* and timber floors. Can I go ahead and spray the sealer, then enamel primer, then enamel, or do I need to rough it up and hit it with epoxy and sand it again? Posted: Sat Aug 25, 2012 2:51 pm Post subject: Re: Omni mp170 epoxy primer question: Thanks guys, Those are the answers that I am looking for. Adheres to degreased, sealed and non-sealed anodized and alodined substrates. Prime aluminum substrate within 8 hours. Remove dried WR-LPU from brushes or equipment by soaking in rubbing alcohol overnight VFI®-#11 9:1 Epoxy Primer. 00%: This Epoxy primer is not recommended for use with water based paint systems 2018 PPG Industries, Inc DP614_EPOXYPRIME_DELTRON_PRIMER_13-03-20 ANZ Application Guide Non-Sand / Wet on Wet Surfacer under Deltron Primers W. epoxy primer wet on wet